PanaViz produces media for hotels, resorts and realtors. The hotels have a much larger marketing budget than vacation home owners, but we are creating the SAME content for both of them (at different price points). Where they diverge is the implementation.

Hotels take our large format images, virtual tours and videos and display them prominently on their web sites in LARGE formats. Virtual Tours are easily found, usually on the first page. They distribute images and media through third party sites, in large formats if possible.

Realtors often take our high resolution images and scale them into itty, bitty sizes for their sites. MLS sites degrade these images even further.

Here are some suggestions on how to best implement you visual assets.

* Large Images

Even Facebook takes images up to 720 pixels wide. Put a link to a slideshow, preferably linking to your own website, that displays images gloriously in full screen or a big format. People have larger monitors now, and small images look like thumbnails on some monitors.

* Professional Photography

Your listed home images should be vibrant and crisp. They should be staged with touches such as flower arrangements, set tables and more. Professional photographers ensure that vertical lines such as wall corners remain vertical in photographs. The photographer should strive to capture the mood of your place.

* Visibility and Accessibility

Videos and Virtual Tours as well as still photos should be implemented on the page describing the property. Your potential clients should not have to click more than 2 times to get to your media.

* Competition

Have your own website. Showcase your home with quality, well staged photographs and rich media. Have well written, search engine optimized content. If you are listing your property on a site that allows links, link back to your own site. There you can expound on the benefits of your home instead of distracting the looker with other homes in your area. Promote your site on as many venues as possible. Facebook, booking sites, twitter and more.

Most homeowners now initially begin their search online. Give them the visual content that will make them come and see your listing in person.

PanaViz provides real estate photography services on Oahu, Kauai, Maui, Big Island, Lanai and Molokai.

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